10 Ways to Show Your Hair Some Extra Love

Is your hair dry, frizzy or damaged? Are you bored with your current hair care routine? Are your ends splitting like crazy? If you said yes to any of these questions then you, my friend, are reading the right article. Here you will find out some ways you can relax, pamper yourself and ultimately heal your hair with a little lovin'.

1. Choose Organic & Natural Products

We've said it before, and we will say it again. Your skin absorbs up to 60% of whatever you put on it, so you want to make sure that all the products you use on your hair and scalp are natural and nourishing. Most mainstream hair care products get away with putting tons of toxic chemicals in them but at NJ's we make sure our products are Certified Organic by third party organizations. If you want to know more about this please read this article.

The product lines carried at NJ's Organic Hair Salon in Kelowna are Intelligent Nutrients and Natulique. They contain Certified Organic Ingredients and Zero Ammonia. Even our color line is Ammonia free! To find out more about these awesome product lines, click here.

2. Don't Wash Everyday

You might have heard this one before, and it's so true! Do not wash your hair everyday. Your scalp secretes oils that naturally protect and nourish your hair everyday. If you wash too often, the pores that secrete these oils will have to work extra hard to nourish your hair on the regular.

Due to this you need to keep in mind that when you are switching to washing every other day, you will likely experience some greasiness on the days you don't wash. This shouldn't last more than a few weeks but to combat this you can rinse your hair (only with water) or try a touch of dry shampoo on the days you aren't washing. After this two week period is over, your hair will be less damaged and will likely grow faster too.

3. Relax and Repair with a Hair Mask

Image Source: Pixabay

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to use a hair mask every week or so. We love using the PureLuxe Replenishing Conditioner by Intelligent Nutrients for this as well as the Hair Color Treatment by Natulique. Just make sure to evenly coat your hair in either product and let it sit for an hour or so wrapped in a towel before washing it out.

You can also make your own hair mask using either a strong conditioner or even coconut oil. To buy the products listed above, come visit our salon in Kelowna, BC. For directions click here.

4. Skip the Heat

There are multiple ways to do this. First off, try skipping a heat styling day. Maybe on your next day off, just let your hair air dry after the shower and resist any temptation to style it. Use all the willpower you have and say no to the blow dryer, the curling iron and the straightening iron. Your hair will thank you so much. In fact, try doing this at least once a week. Heat styling tools are great but they can cause a lot of damage to your hair strength and can cause split ends as well. So make sure you use a heat protecting spray when you do use heat, and try to skip the heat whenever possible.

Another way to skip the heat is to use your heat protecting spray when you are outside in the sun. Using a hat on top of this and sticking to shady areas whenever possible will not only save your skin but your hair as well.

We have an excellent product called the Heat and Sun Protein Enriched Protector by Natulique available at the salon.

5. Embrace Scrunchies and Hair Ribbons

Image source: Pixabay

Thin hair elastics can cause so much damage to your hair. They are often worn too tight and this causes them to break the hair strands. This is especially true if you use hair elastics regularly. Instead, invest in some awesome scrunchies or pretty hair ribbons. Make sure to choose fabric that is soft and don't tie them too tightly.

6. Get a Trim

Our stylist, Victoria, styling Bonita's hair.

Now, you may have heard that getting your hair trimmed will help it to grow, but that's not exactly true. It's likely that your hair is already growing at a normal rate. However, getting a trim will help to cut off all broken and split ends. This will ensure the hair can keep growing down, without breaking off. So if you're trying to grow out your locks and struggling, come in for a trim!

7. Swim Wisely

Swimming is such a wonderful activity, but it can be very damaging to your hair. This is because of chlorine. The chlorine in swimming pools isn't very good for the human body, or hair for that matter. If you're a swimmer, try to swim outdoors in lakes or in the ocean. If you must swim in pools try to find a salt water pool near you or invest in a funky hair cap! You can also coat your hair in a bit of natural and organic conditioner and braid it while swimming to prevent damage as well.

8. Invest in a Quality Hair & Scalp Oil

If you don't already have a quality hair and scalp oil then you are missing out! These are especially great if you are wanting your hair to grow, be healthy and nourished or just add a bit of hydration. The oil in the left of this photo is the USDA Organic Hair & Scalp Treatment Remedy by Intelligent Nutrients and the one on the right is the Natural Moroccan Argan Oil by Natulique.

Both of these oils work great for adding hydration to the hair and are part of a healthy hair care routine. Plus they smell amazing! If you want to grab one for yourself just come and visit our salon!

9. Don't Skip the Conditioner even if You Have Short Hair

Our Stylist, Victoria holding up her favorite Shampoo and Conditioner

That's right! Even if you have short hair, you still need conditioner. Why? Well let's look at shampoo first. The way that shampoo works, is that it it opens the hair follicles so they can be fully cleansed. In order to close the hair follicles and maintain their strength and elasticity you need to use conditioner. It's not just about making your hair tangle free or soft, it's actually used to strengthen the hair. This can prevent breakage of the hair shaft and will ultimately help your hair grow as it avoids breakage.

If you have naturally oily hair just make sure to not overdo it with the conditioner and only use it on your ends. If you have naturally dry hair or you have a normal hair type, you may want to put conditioner directly on your roots as well as your ends. Just be sure to rinse it well after to avoid it looking greasy.

10. Massage Your Scalp

Getting a good scalp massage provides stimulation to your hair follicles and will encourage growth and healthy oil production. This in turn will lead to healthy hair. You can massage your scalp just by taking some extra time to firmly press and rub circles into your scalp while shampooing or conditioning in the shower. If you have a good hair oil like one of the ones mentioned in number eight, you can take some time to massage your scalp with those while watching TV.

So, do you want to take extra good care of your hair? Then come in for a trim, or stop by the salon to buy some amazing hair products that will help keep your locks healthy and nourished!

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