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NJ's Organic Hair Salon would be nothing without our incredible team of talented stylists. Today we are featuring our Creative Director, Mikhyla Stewart. Mikhyla is originally from Grand Forks, but has lived in Seattle and Vancouver before settling in Kelowna. Mikhyla is a super talented and experienced stylist passionate about creating the best styles for her clients. Read along to find out more about her background as a stylist, her specialties, favorite products and more!

Why did you decide to go into hair styling?

I had always been interested in art and creative things. When I was little I would cut my Barbie doll's hair off and use my mother's blue mascara to change their hair color. I used to cut my friends hair in high school. My mother also did hair in back in the day so I was influenced in different ways. I was attracted to the social aspect of the job as well as the fact that it was a trade and I knew I would always be employed, plus, it's such a creative industry.

What is your educational background and how long have you been styling?

I was trained in Seattle, Washington at a Beauty Institute called Gene Juarez Academy. That was in 1994. I became so passionate about this industry and I still love doing it 25 years later.

What are your specialties?

After this many years, I would say I can tackle just about anything as far as hair is concerned. But I really truly love doing makeovers on clients, that is, changing up their hair color and haircut or just creating a beautiful, completed look through both cut and color. Sometimes that change is subtle and sometimes that change is big. I enjoy doing the combination of color with cuts, I love creating beautiful natural blondes, vibrant redheads, I love doing razor cuts as well as precision cutting, and I love working with curly hair in particular. I love it all.

What advice would you give a client who is looking for a big change in their hair?

My advice would be to go for it, but first try to have a good idea on what you want. I prefer that clients bring in photos of desired looks. I will then provide you with my professional advice and ideas. You may like a certain hairstyle but it may not work for your hair type. But I'm all for change, so if a client sits and says they're ready, then let's have fun!

What do you love most about being a stylist?

It's creative, it's social, it's fun! There's so much in this industry to stimulate me career-wise from the client herself to the fashion shows, to editorial photo shoots... I'm not sitting at a desk all day, it's the perfect career.

What is the best compliment you've ever received from a client?

The greatest compliment is when a client says how good I've made them feel, not only because of the hairstyle, but because they enjoyed the time they've spent with me. And it's reciprocal, I value the friendships I make with my clients.

What do you love most about working at NJ's Organic Hair Salon?

I started working at NJ's because I was attracted to the fact that it was a natural organic salon. After so many years of working in this industry and working with chemicals I really wanted/needed to get away from them. So I'm happy to work in this cleaner environment. I love that it's a smaller boutique salon, a relaxing environment that clients can rest and rejuvenate in. I also enjoy my coworkers, they're all so kind and fun to work with.

When you're not styling hair, what do you get up to?

Well I'm new to Kelowna, so I'm still trying to explore the area. I'd love to go for some hikes and I'll spend most of the summer swimming. I'm an artist, I have a degree from Emily Carr University so I tend to paint and draw on my down time. I also take my dad's dog, a big Siberian Husky who talks a lot, for walks to the river.

What is your favorite product that we carry at NJ's?

Hard to choose, but lately I've been spraying the Intelligent Nutrients Spray-On Detangler into everyone's hair. With aloe and multiple seed oils, it hydrates and strengthens without weighing down the hair, it smells beautiful, and you can even spray it on your skin.

Book an appointment with Mikhyla here!

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