Top products that we LOVE at our Salon

Entering a new salon can be overwhelming when deciding what product will work best for you and your hair needs. Although we absolutely love all of our products and swear by them , each stylist have been drawn to a few that they find themselves using with almost every client depending on their hair type. We have composed a list of each stylists favorite products, and directions for use.

We hope this helps when choosing products to help care for your hair after your appointment. If you'd like to talk more closely with a specific stylist, book online today!

NJ's Top Products:

If you've ever had NJ as a stylist you would know he is very meticulous with each clients. He really makes sure each step he takes cutting your hair, and products he uses is perfect for you. Here are just a couple of NJ's favorite products:

Natulique Volumizing Mousse - One of our best sellers, Natulique volumizing mousse provides you with the maximum manageability and creativity by actively promoting gorgeous curls and waves. Great for porous or damaged hair with split ends. Use : Apply where extra volume is needed near hair roots and/or throughout the length of the hair.

Natulique Nourishing Hair Creme - Great for every hair type, Nourishing Hair Creme provides a natural , shine-free, radiant appearance. This products eases detangling and promotes long lasting control by taming frizzy hair. Use : Apply a small amount to towel-dried, damp hair. Pay special attention to mid length and ends.

Mikhyla's Top Products:

Mikhyla is the queen of curly hair, but she doesn't stop there. With nearly 25 years of experience Mikhyla has seen it all. Here are some of her favorite products to use on her clients.

Intelligent Nutrients Curly Hair Serum- Perfect for curly hair, defining and energizing the curls, while providing shine and smooth, soft finish. Tames frizz and add lots of beautiful shine. This product is perfect because it isn't stiff or sticky in the hair. Use : Apply to wet hair, air dry or use diffuse to enhance curls.

Intelligent Nutrients Pure Plenty Trio- For Men and Women, when all three products are used together, they hep regrowth hair and stop hair loss, while being extremely nourishing.

Victoria's Top Products:

If you've ever had a service done by Victoria, chances are you've seen her use one of these products!

Natulique Heat and Sun Protector- This heat and sun protector is a all-in-one that offers long-lasting, everyday heat and sun UV protection. Apply a fine mist evenly over damp hair , before using hot tools or going out into the sunshine for the day! Use : Apply a thin mist evenly through wet or dry hair. Gently massage through hair.

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo/Conditioner- A multi-functional daily use shampoo and conditioner that is antioxidant-rich, smooth, non-frizzy,scalp and hair nourishing, and non toxic. Formulated without harsh chemicals and ideal for use on every hair type. Leaves an amazing minty scent.

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Upcoming Appointments:

If you have an upcoming appointment here at NJ's and have specific product requests/ scent sensitivity or allergy, please do not hesitate to drop us an email ( or call our salon at (236)420-0525. We also have Product FAQ page for additional information.

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