January Featured Products: PURESERVE® DUO (SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER) with PureServe® Color Shield,

PureServe® Color Saving Shampoo

The silky plant-based sulfate free agents are mild on scalp and gentle on hair color while offering excellent cleansing. The lock-loving light lather helps carry away the build-up from the day without over-drying or stripping the needed natural oils.

Directions for use:

* Massage into wet scalp and hair working from root to ends.

* Lather, rinse and condition.

* Pretreat with Color Shield.​

PureServe® Color Saving Conditioner

The lightweight conditioning lotion keeps the bounce while still leaving the hair feeling soft, smooth and healthy. Cuticle-smoothing nutrients help enhance shine for optimized reflection and color vibrancy.

Directions for use:

* Massage into wet hair starting from tips to roots. Rinse.

* Leave-on for 3-5 minutes for extended treatment.​

PureServe® Color Shield

This spray on multi-use elixir treatment locks in moisture, tames frizz and helps protect from environmental damage while improving hair health and manageability. Helps extend hair color.

PRE-TREAT dry hair before shampooing for maximum color protection.

SHIELD and DETANGLE before you style and expose hair to daily life.

Directions for use: * Shake Well.

* Pretreat: Spray on dry hair prior to washing for maximum color protection. Shield & Detangle: Before you style and expose hair to daily life, work through and leave in clean, damp hair.

Did you know?

Harsh surfactants, tap water, air pollution and sun can all lead to hair color fading.

Brown algae helps shield hair from environmental pollutants while blocking free radicals for smoother, shinier and more vibrant hair. Certified Organic Tilia is rich in phyto hormones, polysaccharides and proteins. This linden tree extract creates a protective barrier that blocks out daily damage and help seal in moisture.

  • A must have for color-treated hair to save time and money reducing the frequency of hair color services

  • Swimmers, beach goers and outdoor enthusiasts should use pureserve to help protect hair from chlorine, uv, water and other environmental pollutants

  • Great for auburn and red tones along with bright fashion colors, color resistant hair and gray coverage

  • Helps keep blonds and lighter tones less muddy and less gold over time

  • Use the Color Shield for everyday pollution for any hair type​

Come in and try our PURESERVE® DUO at NJ's organic hair salon, and receive 15% off!

~ offer is only valid in JANUARY of 2019

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