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About NJ'S

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.



NJ Kim started NJ’s Organic Hair Salon after realizing that the chemicals he was being exposed to everyday as a stylist were causing him to develop serious skin and respiratory problems. With the help of his family he researched high and low to find the absolute best natural and organic product lines with which to use in his own salon.

NJ’s Organic Hair Salon is the first of its’ kind in Kelowna, BC. The salon is 100% Ammonia free, including the color line, and all products are natural and organic (with no filler ingredients).

NJ’s is also a Green Circle Certified Sustainable Salon meaning that everything we use gets recycled, even hair! Plus most products are packaged in recycled plastic. To learn more about our product lines visit our blog by clicking here or visit our product brand info page by clicking here.

" what you put on your body is just as IMPORTANT as what you put in your body "


Organic Shampoos & Luxury Scalp Massages

The Shampoos and Conditioners we use at NJ's Organic Hair Salon are by Natulique and Intelligent Nutrients. These shampoos and conditioners are great for all types of hair and we really do have options for every hair type. Let yourself sit back and relax with rejuvenating essential oil infused products and relaxing scalp massages. Let's be honest, this is the best part of visiting our salon. 

Organically Beautiful

NJ's Organic Hair Salon is proud to say that all our products are fully Certified Organic or contain mainly Certified Organic ingredients with a few other natural goodies as well. These products are all Cruelty Free and most are vegan as well. We also have lots of gluten free options! 

By harnessing the pure power of plants, NJ's clients not only breathe clean air in the salon, but their hair gets naturally rejuvenated. So say goodbye to that hairspray that gives you a headache, and that hair dye that smells unbearable. Instead, come to NJ's Salon and be greeted only with the aromas of pure essential oils and say hello to a happier and healthier you.

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