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Why Organic?

Why I Decided To Ditch Chemicals And Go Organic

While I was working for a conventional hair salon, I began to notice that my hands were extremely dry and cracked, and a burning sensation was developing.

My nose was beginning to run at this time too.

All of these sensations I was experiencing, I believe to be a direct cause of daily chemical exposure due to working in traditional hair salons.


The chemical 'ammonia' is one of the worst offenders, and is in all conventional unnatural hair dyes. Its purpose is to bust through the hair cuticle to deposit colour.

While effective, the repercussions of the usage of this chemical are nose, throat and upper respiratory tract issues. 

I wanted to create a safe work space for myself and my employees, as well as a healthy organic salon for all of you, our customers.

I am a father and husband and want to advocate for a more sustainable future without the use of so many dangerous chemicals. 

—  N.J, Owner/Salone Director

We Care about your Health.

Our Salon Experience.

We take your health and our health very serious, our aim as a salon is to offer each and every one of our clients and hair stylists the most natural and eco-friendly hair salon environment that we possibly can, along with offering the most natural professional hair colour possible.
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