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Kelowna's First Organic Hair Salon

That's right! There's a new salon in town making waves in the local community and salon industry. We are NJ's Organic Hair Salon and we believe that your next trip to the stylist should make you healthier, not give you a headache.

NJ Kim and Health: Why he Started this Salon

NJ Kim, the creator of NJ's Organic Hair Salon, started this company for serious health reasons. After working in the salon industry for over 17 years, he had started to develop serious skin and respiratory problems. In fact, many stylists in the industry tend to experience these same issues. This is because stylists in traditional salons deal with tons of chemicals on a daily basis. Plus not only are they inhaling and soaking these chemicals through their skin, but so are their clients!

For a long time NJ didn't think there was an alternative to how he was styling hair. Then he met his girlfriend, Danielle. Her family was all about living as naturally and organically as possible. With their help NJ decided to start eating only organic and natural foods. Yet he was still using so many harmful chemicals at work and his health was suffering because of it. Together, NJ and his family searched high and low for natural and organic products to work with so that he could open a hair salon that kept him, his family and his clients as healthy as possible. NJ's Organic Hair Salon is amazing because our stylists and our clients get to look AND feel their best. No more headaches, no more chemicals, just pure, natural goodness.

Traditional Products vs. Our Organic Products

Did you know that there are tons of products that claim to be natural or organic but aren't? In fact, the vast majority of traditional hair and skin care products do this. That's because there's very little regulation as to what a company can write on their packaging. In fact, many hair care brands will say something is natural even if it has petroleum based ingredients in it... This is because 'technically' petroleum comes from the earth. Yuck!

At NJ's Organic Hair Salon we have two wonderful product lines that use Certified Organic Ingredients. One line is called Natulique and the other is called Intelligent Nutrients. Even our hair colors are by Natulique and are 100% Ammonia free, sulfate free, paraben free and made with Certified Organic ingredients. In fact, our hair color products have either no smell or just smell like the essential oils that they contain.

What Does it Mean to be Certified Organic?

Being 'organic' and being Certified Organic are two very different things. Many companies can get away with saying something is 'organic' on their label even when it's not. For a company to carry a product that is Certified Organic or that contains Certified Organic ingredients, the product has to go through a rigorous testing process. This process is lead by a third party organization that does not wish to say something is 'natural' when it's not. These companies want to make sure all ingredients are indeed organic and safe for humans to use. There are many different levels of Organic Certification that you can read more about here.

By using products that are Certified Organic and contain Certified Organic ingredients we are ensuring the health of our clients and our stylists. Our products contain no filler ingredients so they are incredibly powerful and will not only make your hair feel great short term, but also be healthy long term. Plus with all the essential oils contained in each product, they smell amazing!

Other Great Things About Our Products

Our products are not only organic but they are all Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free. The majority of these products are also packaged in recycled plastic and the majority of our products are also gluten free and vegan as well.

So What are You Waiting For?

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Right now NJ's Organic Hair Salon is offering 20% off a cut or color service to all new clients! We also offer 25% off to students and we offer 20% off for referrals! So grab a friend and visit the salon today or make an appointment online here. Our address is listed below but you can find further directions, hours and parking information here.

NJ's Organic Hair Salon

#103 - 485 Groves Ave

Kelowna, BC

Y1Y 4Y6

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