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How to get rid of a dry scalp!

Having a dry scalp has got to be one of the most irritating things with in hair, having to deal with the constant itchy feeling and flakiness can be almost unbearable.

There is many websites and over information on how to tackle having a dry scalp, but what actually works? If you are like me you have probably tried many different things to try and reverse the dryness. I am here to give you some solid tips that will reduce your dry scalp and give you some insight into what may be the cause of your irritated scalp.

1. One reason your scalp may be becoming dry and flakey is because your over using your dry shampoo.

By using dry shampoo as a daily product can cause massive amounts of build up, especially if your not completely cleansing your scalp when you wash your hair. If you use a comb of any kind and gently scratch your scalp in the shower with your shampoo on it will help completely get rid of any build up that may have occurred from your dry shampoo or other products. If you have very oily hair and need something to help soak up the oils, I would suggest using baby powder over aerosol dry shampoo. Baby powder is gentle and will not cause as much build up on your scalp. it will also come off a lot easier then the spray on dry shampoos.

NATULIQUE Dry Shampoo.

Rich in beneficial, natural ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract, the NATULIQUE Dry Shampoo soothes and heals inflamed scalps and strengthens the strands. Certified organic power-fruit ingredients like goji or blueberries nourish the hair with valuable vitamins and promote overall health from scalp to tips.

2. Drink more water!

Lots of the time people just recommend products and at home remedies to help counteract your dry scalp and as much as those can help the biggest thing is making sure your eating healthy and taking in proper amounts of water each day. Your scalp and hair will be as healthy as what you put into your body, so by drinking lots of water and eating foods that are high in nutrients will help keep your scalp healthy and reduce flakiness.

3. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

More likely is that aloe vera contributes to healthy hair because it conditions and moisturizes the hair and scalp.

Aloe vera has a number of properties that can help with dry scalp. It has anti-inflammatory properties Trusted Source that can help reduce skin irritation, and it’s also an effective moisturizing agent.

How to use:

Slice open a leaf of the aloe vera plant. Cut off the sides, chop it in chunks, then split each aloe square in half to get to the good stuff.

  1. Squeeze the gooey substance into your hair or run the gel side of the leaf over your strands. Use your hands to work the gel into your scalp, length, and ends.

  2. To seal in the moisture, apply a few drops of castor oil all over the length of your strands, and massage it into your scalp.

  3. Leave the treatment in for 30 minutes, then wash it out and style your hair as usual.

Take Away.

Dry scalp can be uncomfortable, but fortunately it’s highly treatable. Many cases of dry scalp respond well to a change in your hair care products or routine, and home remedies can certainly help speed up the process.

INTELLIGENT Pure Plenty® Shampoo

This organic scalp-stimulating shampoo clarifies and fortifies hair follicles to optimize the growth cycle. Our color-safe formula features red clover extract and peptides to strengthen hair at the root and inhibit DHT (the hair-thinning hormone); amaranth to give hair movement, lift and bounce for a fuller look; and a sugar-derived cleansing agent (decyl glucoside) to gently clear away buildup.


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