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Tips to get the most out of your curls!

During these hot dry summers in Kelowna it makes for a great time at the beach, but it makes it very hard to keep your curls defined and frizz free. We are here to share some tips and products that will help keep your curls happy and healthy through out the summer. Living in hot dry weather tends to suck out all the moisture in your hair, causing your curls to become dry, frizzy and damaged. To keep your hair in pristine condition you need to use very hydrating conditioners and styling products, that will encourage your hair to soak up as much nutrition/ moisture as possible!

Here are some tips and product suggestions to help you out!

1. Stop using anything that contains Parabens, sulfates, high percentages of alcohol and High PH levels.

When you use products containing these ingredients it does the exact opposite of what it says it's supposed to. It will suffocate your hair by coating it in waxes/silicone's which will not allow your hair to get the proper nutrition and moisture that it needs. Also by using things with high PH levels will cause uncontrollable frizzing because it strips your hair and scalp of natural oils such as sebum which is needed in maintaining not only healthy hair but a healthy scalp. Using products constantly that contain these ingredients will make it nearly impossible for you to get that beautiful natural curl.

2. Use organic natural products!

By switching over to genuine organic products you wont have to worry about anything being stripped or damaged on your hair and scalp. Natural products will not only leave any oils already produced by your scalp but it will help give back any moisture/ nutrients that may be lacking in the hair shaft. It will also help to gently seal down the cuticles of your hair which will help define your curls and stop frizz. By using organic leave in conditioners, curling cream and a light gel you will have stronger more voluminous curls then ever.

3. When drying your hair make sure you use a T-shirt instead of your regular towels!

By using a T-shirt it will help contain the curls smoothly and gently, where as using a regular towel tends to rough up your hair shaft causing the curls to split and look dry/frizzy. When using the T shirt make sure to scrunch your hair lightly so it will encourage your hair to curl in its natural pattern. Just by making this simple switch from towel to T-shirt you will notice a huge difference in the quality and strength of your hair.

Refuse a towel!

4. Hair masks are an amazing for re-hydrating those dry curls!

The reasoning on why its so important is because on each individual hair strand there are cuticles or flaps that open and close. Those cuticles protect the inside of your hair and seal in moisture when closed. On curly hair however naturally one side of the strand has open cuticles which is what can lead to frizzing and dryness if its not properly moisturized to seal it down. To gently seal that flap down you need to use organic intense hair masks and conditioners which will allow your hair to naturally fall defined and smooth.


NATULIQUE Deep Penetrating Intensive Hair Mask is an intensive treatment with highly beneficial active ingredients to ensure healthy and shiny hair.



Pro-Vitamin B5, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Acai Fruit Extract, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Sunflower Oil


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