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How to take care of your blonde hair!

Lightening your hair has become the new trend, especially with balayage's and Ombre's making a huge come back with in the hair industry.

From white blonde to caramel tones people have been highlighting there hair more then even before, but with going blonde also come the question how to properly take care of it? Going blonde can either make or break your hair depending on how you take care of it out of the salon.

In this blog we are gonna go through 4 ways to help keep your lightened hair as healthy as possible.

1. Stay away from drug store shampoos and conditioners.

These non salon quality brands aren't just bad for your hair in general but they are especially damaging for people who have lightened there hair.

The reason of this is because when you lighten your hair you are actually removing the underlining pigments of your natural hair so it become more dry and delicate because there is not as much melanin and nutrients left from your natural color.

Drug store hair products dry your hair out and coat it with silicones which can suffocate and extremely damaged your already delicate hair.

Look for salon quality natural hair products that are very moisturizing, especially when looking for a conditioner because a very moisturizing conditioner is crucial for your hairs health.


NATULIQUE The Colour Shield line is developed to make sure the hair is nourished

and conditioned after a colour service. ✨💆‍♀️

2. Use a good leave in conditioner and hair masks

Leave in conditioners are necessary for keeping your hair happy and healthy. These types of conditioners help keep your hair nice and healthy by giving back any lost moisture and replenishing dry damaged ends.

Using a good hair mask is crucial in maintaining strength and elasticity in your lightened hair. It will help keep those cuticle close and also replenishing those dry ends.

Masks are also most effective when you put on a shower cap after applying and leave for 30 minutes, the heat from your scalp will help encourage your cuticle to open and absorb as much of the nutrients as possible.

Use a leave in conditioner after every time you wash your hair and use a mask twice a week.


Applying hair mask is a vital addition to any hair treatment. And our Intensive Mask is made of 95%

natural origin ingredients to effectively nourish every strand of hair. 💚🌿

3. Be careful how often you use purple shampoos & conditioners

Purple and blue shampoos/conditioner's can be very beneficial for your hair in canceling out yellow and orange tones in the hair, thus acting like a temporary toner keeping your color at that perfect cool creamy tone.

But if you use these products to often it can actually cause major damage by dry out your hair immensely. Use these products once or maybe even twice a week depending on how often you wash your hair.

Also buy a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to use when alternating between the purple shampoos/conditioners to help give your hair back any lost moisture.


Need a special care for your ash or cool grey hair colours? 😉

Pure Silver line removes and prevents yellow and orange tones while adding a beautiful silvery

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4. Get hair cuts often

Getting a hair cut can seem scary especially when your wanting to grow out your hair, but getting regular trims will actually help your hair grow and save your blonde hair from lasting damage.

If you don't trim your hair when your see those split ends they will actually continue breaking and splitting further and further up your hair causing it to break higher up and look straggly near the ends.

If you want your hair to grow and stay healthy/ thick keep up with your hair cuts and don't be afraid to take off 1 inch or so, your hair will grow back faster and better then before.

In conclusion, follow these tips to make sure you're keeping your blonde hair happy and healthy!


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