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A Sustainable Salon: How NJ's Recycles Everything, Even Hair!

It will probably come as no shock to you that almost every single business in the world creates a certain amount of waste. In the salon industry the amount of waste typically created can be astronomical. This is due to the chemicals typically being flushed down the drain and the bottles and foils and dyes being thrown in the trash. This waste really adds up but with the help of Green Circle Salons, we are changing that.

Green Circle Salons: Becoming a Certified Sustainable Salon

Green Circle Salons is an organization based out of Toronto, Canada that helps salons eliminate waste and keep the planet healthy. Signing up with them means that NJ's Organic Hair Salon is Certified Sustainable. Not only do we only use organic and ammonia free products but we also recycle everything we use in the salon! In fact, GCS helps partnering salons and spas to recycle and repurpose 95% of salon and spa waste.


It can be hard to recycle certain items that get used in salons such as foils and certain product packages. Green Circle Salons provides us with boxes to separate hair, foils, tubes, plastic and paper. Once we have filled our boxes we send our more difficult-to-recycle items to GCS in Toronto and they recycle them for us.

Putting Hair to Good Use: How We Recycle Hair

Hair Booms

Photo Source: Green Circle Salons

That's right! We even recycle our hair clippings! Recycled hair probably sounds pretty weird but guess what? Our hair clippings get sent to Green Circle Salons and are then made into what's known as 'hair booms'. These are basically long bundles of hair that are all wrapped up in mesh fabric that help soak up oil spills in the ocean! How cool is that? In the event of an oil spill, your hair could be saving the day!

Product Packaging

Now GCS requires us to recycle pretty much everything but guess what? At NJ's Organic Hair Salon we are going above and beyond that by selling the majority of our products in recycled plastic packaging. We sell two different product lines by Natulique and Intelligent Nutrients and many of their bottles are recycled. Even the way the hair sprays are packaged is sustainable. Just check out this video for proof!

Goodbye Toxic Chemicals

On top of all of this, NJ's Organic Hair Salon uses only organic and natural products. We absolutely love being plant based and the results of our product lines are evidently amazing in our clients' hair. Even the color line we use by Natulique is 100% Ammonia free. This makes recycling hair color tubes and other product packages easier since we are eliminating so many toxic chemicals from even entering the salon in the first place.

Eco Fees

We charge a small eco fee of $1.50 with every adult cut or color appointment to ensure we can keep up with all our sustainability initiatives and shipments of recycled goods. This fee is already included in your hair appointment price when you book at NJ's. Big change for a super small price!

So What are You Waiting For?

Grab your fellow tree-hugging friends and come in for a cut, color or just to browse our products. All new guests get 20% off their first cut or color and we have student and referral discounts as well. You can book an appointment by calling 236-420-0525 or you can book online here.

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