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Common hair care mistakes you're probably making!

When it comes to keeping hair healthy and happy it goes far beyond just the products you use, a lot of damage in the hair comes from everyday routines and fabrics. By switching out only a few routines/fabrics that you use in your everyday life will improve the quality of your hair immensely! Below I have listed a few common mistakes we all make and what to use in replacement.

1.Your using the wrong towel

After you wash your hair you probably reach to use a standard bath towel, shake it through your hair and then wrap it up into a turban, leaving it to dry. This is a big mistake we all have made probably for years with out even realizing the many ways, it has been damaging your hair. When you use a standard bath towel it not only shakes up the cuticle causing frizz but also causes breakage to the ends and mid-shaft of your hair which can end up making your hair dry / brittle. Instead of using a bath towel, run your finger gently through your hair shaking out excess water, then use a Micro fiber towel and scrunch your ends rather aggressively shaking them. This may take longer for it to dry but by doing this you will save your hair from damage and frizz.

2. Switch pillow cases

When sleeping most people toss and turn, throwing your hair in every direction causing tangles thus your hair getting thrown all over the place but when you sleep with a regular pillow case the little fibers act almost as hooks snagging the hair making it rough and cause massive tangles/ frizz and breakage! I just switching over to a silk pillow case especially for those who have blonde hair, its naturally more fragile and using that silk pillow case will save your hair from unnecessary damaged split ends.

3. To hot of a blow dryer

Many blow dry there hair after a shower as a regular routine this in its self its not super harmful for the hair but if you use it on the hottest setting your can actually burn your hair and sometimes your scalp! Frying your hair leads to lots of irreversible damage and by burning your scalp can cause an excess amount of sebum production making your hair more greasy throwing off the entire balance of nutrition /moisture in your hair. Use the setting on your blow dryer to medium heat or even cold, this might take a little bit longer for your hair to dry but you will save not only your hair but also money, by not having to purchase endless products to help contain the damage.

4. To rough on your tangled hair

When brushing out your hair we all can get frustrated when your comb keeps getting snagged but do not rip through your tangles with a brush! This will cause massive amounts of breakage and thinning in the tangled area of the hair. Instead put some oil on the area of hair your trying to untangle and slowly/ gently pull it apart, then when it is mostly pulled apart take a brush and go through the area again. By doing this you will save your hair from un-needed damage and yourself any pain form ripping through your hair.


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