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Intelligent Head Spa and Product Info

The products we will use on your hair for this amazing Intelligent Head Spa are all by Intelligent Nutrients.

This particular product line by Intelligent Nutrients is called Pure Plenty and will work wonders for your scalp if you are wanting to grow or rejuvenate your hair.

The Pure Plenty Exfoliating Shampoo will blast away any and all build up that has formed on your scalp to ensure your follicles aren't weighed down.

The Density Building Conditioner will strengthen your strands from root to end and prevent any breakage while building thick, luscious hair. Finally the Pure Plenty Nourishing Scalp and Strand Serum will be massaged into your scalp to promote growth with Certified Organic botanicals and essential oils.

Who Can Benefit the Most from this Service?

Everyone can enjoy this amazing service. Whether your scalp is oily, dry or normal, your scalp would benefit from an occasional deep cleansing treatment.

Think of it like an exfoliating facial. Your typical shampoo may be able to clean your hair sufficiently but there's always that stubborn 20% of dead skin and hair products that clog your pores! It's therefore useful to get a professional to clear up all the gunk from your scalp once in a while. Do however note that deep cleansing scalp treatments are usually not recommended after a hair colour or even a perm / rebonding because the treatment may strip the hair of its colour (making it fade faster!) and make your perm / rebonding not as long-lasting.

It's also not recommended right before a chemical service because clearing the gunk may make your scalp more susceptible to the hair chemicals that follow and make it even more sensitive! The best hair service to match it with is a haircut! If you are coming in for a haircut anyway, it would be wise to opt for a deep cleansing scalp treatment to energize your scalp and promote healthy hair growth!

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