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July Feature Product: Heat and Sun Protector ON SALE

If you didn't already know, the strong sun we get here in the Okanagan can effect our hair in the same way as putting heat on it does. Natulique Heat and Sun protector is a all-in-one heat protector that offers long lasting, everyday heat, sun and UV protector. Beneficial oils and extracts deeply penetrate hair shafts, hydrating the hair from the inside out.

Not only does this product protect you hair from future damage, it also replenishes lost nutrients, proteins and minerals. Natulique Heat and sun protector also contributes to shiny and healthy hair without frizz, to help make styling easier.

Made from Organic and Natural Ingredients

Enriched with Omega Fatty acids, Vitamin B, Ricinoleic, all of which is highly beneficial to both hair and skin. Hydrolyzed wheat protein, derived from natural wheat germ and wheat starch , conditions and increases the overall strength of the hair. This heat and sun products also contains no:

  • No Sulfates

  • No Parabens

  • No Paraffins

  • added Himalayan goji and jasmine flower extract

Save 15% On Natulique Sun and Heat protector for one whole month! Enjoy a discount for the whole month of July!

Use instructions:

Apply a fine mist evenly throughout damp hair, before drying or using any heat. Even if you don't plan on using heat but spending some time outside, a thin mist of this product will help protect your hair from UV rays!

Damaged hair from UV rays | image source: cleveland clinic

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