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Product of the Month! Natulique Pure Silver is 15% Off!

Pure Silver, pure beautiful!

We've been noticing many of our clients embracing their natural silver hair (yes, we REFUSE to call it grey!), and we are in full support of it!

Some of our clients have been wearing their silver for years,

others are newbies, gradually letting it grow in. One of the most perfect ways to keep your silver hair bright is by using toning products, products specifically formulated for silver or cool blonde hair.

We introduce to you Natulique Pure Silver, a shampoo, conditioner and styling mousse, that will keep your hair shiny, silky and healthy!

And this month it's 15% off!

And Pure Silver isn't just for silver hair,

blondes will benefit from its toning capabilities as well! The violet tint of the product counteracts any yellowing or brassiness of blondes, leaving a bright natural color after the first use.

Yes, you heard correctly, the shampoo, conditioner and styling mousse are tinted violet! It won't turn your hair purple though, we promise. What it will do however, is make it bright and shiny while leaving it super hydrated and conditioned, thanks to beautiful ingredients such as blueberry, mango, aloe, and almond oil.

As well, the Pure Silver Hair Mousse gives the best volume while leaving the hair soft, not sticky. And to top it off, Natulique is Vegan, and paraben, silicone and SLS free.

We only carry the best here at NJs Organic Hair Salon.

So come in today, embrace your silver, brighten your blonde! And save 15% on all Pure Silver products!

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