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WE CARE ABOUT YOUR HAIR! (Your Hair is the Most Important Thing You Wear..)

A very common question we get as hair stylist is

"How often should I wash my hair?"

Well, here is a question for you how often do YOU wash your hair? (every day, once a week, every second day?)

To help determine how much YOU should wash your hair, you must first determine how fast your hair becomes oily.

Does your hair become oily the day after washing, does it take a week, or a couple days?

Hair washing is recommended every second day but is completely up to you. Everyone's hair is different in the way it works.

Here are some fact to help you make your decision.

1. Washing your hair too often can cause your sebaceous glands to produce extra sebum, (hair oil)

Washing your hair to often dries your scalp out, which then sends signals to the brain to produce more sebum to re-hydrate.

Some times this can lead to a cycle of washing your hair too often due to the extra production of sebum.

TIPS on how to break the cycle

-Use more hydrating shampoos and conditioners and wash hair every second day

This saying you will notice your hair becoming oily very fast for a couple weeks or months it will take time for your hair to reset.

-Leave your hair for a week then continue washing hair with your choice in shampoo and conditioner every second day.

This is quite a challenge for many people due to style choices during the week and does not work for every one. The use of dry shampoo can help on this journey.

Volumizing Dry Shampoo by Natulique

2. Washing your hair too little can cause immense build up leading to hair loss bacteria build up (creating fungus and other infections on the scalp).

For many men and women once a week is perfect due to sebum production. For many washing your hair more then once a week can cause their scalp to become too dry so once a week becomes the only option. I do not recommend going over one week. Getting up to two weeks without washing your hair will cause build up on the scalp and over two weeks can cause many bacterial or fungal infections. In general not washing your hair enough is unsanitary and equivalent to never washing your hands after using the rest room. (eww)

Your decision to wash your hair once a week is very personal and dependent on how much sebum your hair produces. I would recommend speaking to a stylist about your hair and seeing what a suitable hair washing regime should be.

The amount you wash your hair is fully dependent on your shampoos, conditioners, style, age, and employment. Washing is one of those things I say what ever works works keep at it of course unless its too much or too little.

---Happy washing !

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