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Curling my hair with a flat iron???

Tips and tricks!

Claiming " it's just too hard to do," this step-by-step tutorial by senior hairstylist Victoria will help you perfect the technique.

Watch this video for the tutorial then read our notes below for more in depth instructions.

1. Spritz your hair all over with a heat-protectant spray.

Section hair just above ears.

Take small sections going from front to back as shown in the video.

Sections before ears can be curled forwards to help frame face.

2. Back of you head does not need to be perfect!

You will need to move your head and arms in awkward positions just do your best to find what is most comfortable for you.

3. Your curls will always work as long as you are making one FULL twist with the flat iron.

4. Angel is everything!

The more horizontal you hold your iron the bigger the curl, the more vertical the more beachy your curls will turn out. So keep this in mind with what you want the finished results to be.

5. Top face framing sections should be curled back.

Take triangular section and full forwards

Clamp iron on a diagonal angle to ensure you get that perfect swoop effect.

6. You should leave all curls alone till you finish curling your full head.

Once you finish you can finger brush the curls to make messy loose wave effect.

Products used:

<Heat and sun protector by Natulique (before using hot iron) >

< Medium hold hair spray by Natulique (after styling and before finger brushing) >

If after this tutorial you are still having troubles curling your hair don't be afraid to call up and book an appointment and we can give you even more tips :)

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