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Bleaching box dyed hair?!

Bleaching Your Hair Alone?

Bleach is a much stronger chemical than regular hair dye is. You need to seriously know what you are doing to avoid ruining your hair or burning your scalp.

When using bleach at home yourself, you aren’t just risking the color coming out poorly and having to spend hundreds if not over a thousand to get your color back to normal. You are risking breaking all of your hair off and rocking a pixie cut or even a shaved head until it grows back.

  1. Box dyes aren't meant for all hair types so naturally after using a one your hair may have more damage then if you had done it professionally.

  2. A lot of the time box dyes will have staining properties that can become impossible to lift out especially if you've been doing it for years.

  3. you will probably have to come in for multiple appointments to get close to your wanted results. Even then its never guaranteed you'll get where you wanted.

  4. Depending on your hair we might just say your hair wont survive due to the damage.

  5. To the left the picture shows the levels your hair will lift. in most cases we are usually only able to get to seven. In awful but common circumstances it will lift uneven, six in some areas and seven in others.

  6. During a consultation we will ask how long you've been coloring your hair and how light you wanna get to. If your hair is black and you wanna get to a level 10 (shown in the picture) we will most likely tell you you'll get to a level 7 in the best circumstances. Now looking at that chart you may be thinking "those are so warm though..." there are ways to tone the warmth out but if your looking for a silver tone you might need to change your expectations to more of a beige honey blonde.

Leaving the Bleach on Too Long

Do not leave the bleach on longer than the instructions suggest, no matter what someone else says. Do not do it, even if it worked for their hair. You have a completely different head of hair and you are the one taking the risk. Leaving the bleach on longer than instructed could permanently damage your hair beyond repair and even burn your scalp.

Here's some things you should expect when coming in to get you box died Hair lightened. We will be going over how your hair will lighten and what to expect in a consultation.

Bleaching Damaged or Over-Processed Hair

If you think that your hair may be too damaged or weak to bleach, you may be right. Come visit us to seek the opinion of a professional. We will be able to tell you if your hair is healthy or not.

The Solution

You need to focus on restoring your hair. Using leave-in or deep conditioners. Stop using hot straighteners, curling irons, and other heat-styling tools that can cause further damage to your locks.

Sometimes we have to cut off some of the damage, or deep conditioning and hair rebuilding treatments at the salon.


Applying hair mask is a vital addition to any hair treatment.

And our Intensive Mask is made of 95% natural origin ingredients to effectively nourish every strand of hair. 💚🌿

Skipping the Toner

If your hair looks yellow or brassy, it is probably in need of a toner.

Orange hair should be bleached a little more but if it is a yellow or brassy color, move on to a toner. It highly recommend that do not skip the toner.

What Is Toner?

Toner is essential because it redeposits color on hair after it's stripped from the strands by the bleaching process. Toner is a sweet little product that neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair. It can also make your hair look shiner and healthier, cooler, dingier, ashier, or even different colors like pink or purple.

This is a really common mistake made all the time especially by people who are inexperienced and new to bleaching and coloring their hair. Toner will counteract the yellow color, making the hair very light and even platinum blonde.

All of these points are very important to think about before coming in to bleach your box dyed hair. Its always very important to look for realistic goals and come in for a consult so we can go over what your options are.


Creates cool ashy tones and subtle silver reflections. Adds a beautiful silvery brightness to grey hair. Removes and prevents yellow and orange tones. Effectively restores and lifts hair tones.

Keep your blonde cool with Pure Silver duo 😊🌿🌱

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