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Organic food? What about organic hair?

If you care about what goes in your mouth you should care just as much about what goes on your body, especially your head.

Your skin is one of the biggest organs on your body and should be taken care of just as much as your stomach. There are statistics that have shown that your skin will absorb 80% of what you put on it.

Take nicotine patches as an example, your skin absorbs those patches not only onto and through your skin but also into your bloodstream, which then disperses the substance through out the body.

When you think of how substances are absorbed into our blood stream does it not make sense to stay away from chemicals and other harmful products? If your body is something to be taken care of why not switch your skin care/hair care products to all natural?. The use of organic products is just as important as eating organic.

A question that you may be thinking though is what makes our products different from others that are sold in organic grocery stores?

Well our lines we use are made by professionals who dedicate all there time, energy and life into creating genuine safe/Organic products that not only help your hair but also your health.

They take massive amounts of time to research hair so that they are able to have an immaculate understanding not only how the hair works but also how your scalp is effected by different products and ingredients. These scientists also stay patient and take the time to create each one with out any use of harmful fillers.

But what are fillers? Fillers can be anything from silicone's to extra water or starches. These specific ingredients are so common among majority of skin/hair products and even is found in a lot of lines that claim to be "Natural".

Not only do these substances cause damaging build up that ruins your hair but is also just a waste of money due to the amount you'll need to get a lather. A lot of hair care lines put massive amounts of fillers in there products so that you have to use more, thus you will have to buy it more often.

Majority of the time its a money grab and they don't care about the effects it may have on you and your hair. We have only been able to discuss a few of the harmful effects fillers can have on your hair but there is so much more.

Products from Natulique and Intelligent Nutrients don't just advertise being organic but are also HIGHLY certified and don't use harmful fillers like many other lines. Natulique has certifications like 360 BIOCERTorganic, ECO CERT and some are certified for being Vegan. Intelligent nutrients has many certifications such as Leaping bunny (cruelty free), Green -e, Harmonically made, soil association organic, and some have a USDA organic certification. This means that they have been checked out by genuine organic company's and earned the right and certifications to call them selves natural/ Organic.

I can say with 100% certainty that these products are not only safe but also work better then any other "natural" line.

Make the change now, don't just eat organic go organic with your hair and skin.


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