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What oils should you be using on your hair?

Depending on your hair texture and density certain oils can either help your hair or do the complete opposite.

Some oils have thick molecules/components that wont quiet absorb in certain hair types, instead it will coat the hair shaft and follicles causing more damage.

One thing you should try and avoid is applying them to your scalp to regularly because your scalp already produces its own natural oils, thus by adding more, it can case major build up and clog your pores/follicles in your scalp.

Coconut oil is a very common trend to use on your hair to help prevent frizz and damage. It is true that it can have some benefits but not for every hair type. By putting this thick oil on fine hair will cause it to just sit on top and coat your hair giving the appearance of being smooth and healthy but in reality its all a temporary "fix". Thick Oils tend to sit on top of the hair So it cant actually penetrate into the hair cuticles to give back moisture.

It would be better to incorporate coconut oil into your diet or meals because your body will absorb that nutrients and help your hair from the inside out rather then just giving it a temporary coating. Coconut oil has many benefits but should only be used every once and awhile because it can be very hard to wash off your scalp and your hair in general.

If you are looking for oils that will help give back moisture, you should look into argon or Moroccan oils. These oils are a lot lighter and have smaller molecule forms so it is able to penetrate into your hair more so then coconut oil. It will help give back lost moisture to the hair but also will give it that temporary light coating to control frizz, fly a ways and encourage it to appear smooth. This light coating wont be harmful to your hair because of how easy the oil will come off when washed.

Argon oil contains high amounts of antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E which is extremely helpful to your hair strands overall health, because it helps to restore shine and elasticity. The vitamin e when applied to the scalp even helps to speed up cell generation causing your hair to grow faster.

NATULIQUE Moroccan Argan Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, essential acids, and other vital nutrient. Softens and moisturiese the hair,

while helping to smooth split ends and firzz.🌿🌻

Another type of oil that is very beneficial for not only your hair but also your scalp is our intelligent nutrients hair and scalp treatment.

It can be difficult to find oils that will sooth dry scalp with out clogging your follicles and this product is perfect for that. Its light weight so it will absorb easily with out leaving a thick film. Its organic super seed oil formula help to give back lost nutrients to the hair and replenish your scalp making sure your hair and head is healthy as can be.

It's full of beneficial antioxidants/ vitamins from the multitude of oil mixtures in this product. Some examples of what ingredients is in this oil is Rosemary extracts, orange extracts, grapefruit extracts, lavender extracts and oregano extracts. Also this oil is good for both coarse and fine hair, so everyone can benefit!

One thing to keep in mind when using oils on your hair is the amount you use and how much. I suggest using them on dry hair from the mid shaft down to the ends because these areas are where your hair is lacking the most amount of oil and moisture.

You also do not want to use to much product because it can make your hair look greasy and stringy. When using oils remember a little goes a long way so start by just using one squirt or drop and slowly add more if needed.

Oil products are great for your hair especially with the dry winter season just around the corner,

so come pick some up today!


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